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Planning Your Own Funeral

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Facing The End Zone

No one wants to think about their own death. So while we all have to "kick the bucket" sooner or later, none of us want to admit to it and face our own mortality. But when we don't make plans for what happens once we are gone, we short change those left in charge of the details. Here are three things everyone should have in place, to help those we love deal more gently with our passing.

Make a Will

It doesn't matter if you think you will live to be a hundred, make a will. This is most important for anyone with family such as children to consider. Young couples who have kids and then die in an accident are taking the chance that their kids will be left without support. Do it today because it is never too soon to write out your last wishes.

Plan Your Funeral

It doesn't have to be down to the last detail. However, if you contact one of the local reputable funeral planners and make arrangements, then you won't be leaving it for your family to deal with when the time comes. This will be a time of grief and stress, so take some of it off of them by choosing your casket, your service, and what you want as clearly as possible. If you choose to arrange all the details yourself, you can buy a cemetery plot, choose a casket from one of many casket companies, select a mortuary, and talk to your pastor about details of the service.

Write It Down

So many of us will talk to our family as we get older about what we want done, but neglect to have it down in writing. Don't leave something this important to chance. When you write it down, even if it is just in the form of a letter, you make everything that you want more clear.

Peace of Mind

So don't put off any longer these important steps. While no one wants to contemplate the idea of the world moving on without us, it will happen. Don't leave these important details to chance or in the hands of family that may have a vested interest in the outcome.